Monday, March 30, 2009

Becca's language

So while Becca still can't identify her colors all the time - but she does try! She has added some other interesting words - she was one of the kiddos to get sick this weekend so she throws up at the breakfast table looks down and says "eeewww gross" and then again later "oh thats disgusting" LOL this kid cracks me up!!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Adoption update

Where are we - well our social worker was supposed to have the homestudy done before she went out of town - not sure if she did or not - I'll email them on Monday to find out. And other than that it is just a few more papers to collect and have notarized then the dossier will be done - so that is top of the list for next week!!!

The spring break that wasn't

Oh my goodness - what a trip! We had been planning to spend a long weekend in Denver hanging out doing a water park and some other fun stuff this week - but.... instead a blizzard blew in (come on folks - no snow all winter and then a blizzard now!!!!) and I got really sick - like almost went to the hospital in the middle of the night sick. So finally Friday afternoon we head to Denver, and then by Saturday morning 2 kiddos are puking and so we head home - the Spring break trip that wasn't meant to be. YUCK!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

How do you choose?

We are rapidly approaching that point - the point of choosing who our next child will be. It is so difficult. Our homestudy update should be done in less that 2 weeks and submitted to our agency for approval/changes and that is the point at which we can choose a child or siblings to be part of our family. . . Last time we turned in all our paperwork and waited for our agency to refer a child to us - Becca wasn't waiting for a family, we were waiting for her. This time we "know" that our next child is waiting for us - how do we know? you might wonder. Well we just know. God has spoken it to our hearts. In part because we now know that so many older kids are waiting for families and in part because of all we saw and experienced when we were in Ethiopia last fall. But that still leaves us having to choose from a list of kiddos that is several pages long. Which in and of itself is heartbreaking to know that so many dozens of kids are waiting for a mom and dad to find them. We can't choose them all - and honestly alot of them are older than would be a good fit for our family. I know that there are one or two that are meant for us - but how do we choose? We pray - pray with us if you will - pray for wisdom and open hearts to hear God whisper the name(s) in our hearts.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Back and Busy!!

WOW I can't believe how long we have been back from SC already!!! Time has really flown by - we have been so busy it is unbelievable. The girls and I had a tremendous time in SC - baby Evie and Drew are so cute it is amazing! and it was great just to get time in with my big girl - boy do I miss having her close by! Pictures to come - just not tonight!

In the mean time - we finalized Becca's adoption here in the states. Her legal adoption was final in Ethiopia but since we didn't meet her before the court process we needed to validate her adoption here in Colorado - our paperwork has been in for sometime, but the courts were backed up so they only just got to it. Now we can work on getting her a US passport and a COC otherwise known as a certificate of citizenship. And I can continue my battle with the Social Security office about a social security number for her. Ahhhh gotta love the US government. What should have taken 10 days has now stretched into 10 weeks with no end in sight.

We have also had our homestudy update visit (wooohooo!) and are just waiting on our social worker to write it - she said hopefully before the end of the month - which is just what I was wanting! And we are about 70% done with our new dossier (all the papers required for the adoption in ET) we should have that finished before the end of the month too, so that is moving along as well.

Goodness I have so many thoughts rolling around - good stuff I want to get out on paper - but sleep has been at a premium lately so I'll save those for another day!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Adam's 14th!!!

WooooHoooo Adam! Happy 14th Birthday! I can't believe that you are 14 and on your way to highschool in the fall. Time just flies by. You are truely and amazing guy and I am proud to be your mom. I love the way that you care for your younger sisters the way you are growing up and the choices you are making to put God first in your life - wow! Here's to an amazing year!