Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Gift Bags

So when we accepted the referral of the kids we were allowed to send them gift bags. We included a tshirt with a picture of the family and each of thier pictures, a photo album, a letter and a few small toys. The reciept of the gift bag is the official announcement to the kids that they are being adopted. Often times because our agency allows traveling parents to take pictures for waiting families they figure it out on their own. We have recently recieved several pictures of our son - in the first one you could see him putting 2 and 2 together and the biggest grin. Up until now however no one has been to our daughters orphanage so this was a big surprise to her - and you can see it on her face - so cute. Probably the best thing is that the staff in ET took Alemtsehaye from her orphange (KM) to Estifanos's orphange (AHOPE) to meet him and open their bags together and then set us the picture - what a precious gift!

Now if only our case could be submitted to court before the closure on Friday - pray with me folks!!!