Tuesday, November 3, 2009


(as an aside we kept Becca up all day yesterday and until 7pm - poor kiddo was soooo tired - but she slept until 7am woohooo)

So our dilema. Alemtsehaye passed court on Oct 23, Estifanos did not - he is rescheduled for Nov 25 and I had been hoping for him to pass sometime last week, but it didn't happen - so it seems like Nov 25 will be the big day. Our agency recently said that no one is going to be traveling in Nov so that means 2 possible embassy dates for Alemtsehaye - Dec 2 or Dec 16. Rightfully so the earlier date will go to families that have waited a terribly long time or who have very sick kids waiting to come home, so that would most likely mean a Dec 16 date for us and will mean 2 weeks in country (since the HIV ban is still in affect until Jan) well you can see the problem. We desperately want her home - but being gone for Christmas isn't really an option, being gone for 2 weeks isn't really an option - we'd have to tag team. And mostly I worry about how Estifanos would feel if we arrived and visited with him and then left with her - now of course we'd be back in a few weeks for him - most likely early/mid Jan but how hurtful would that be? could he really understand? I have had lots of kiddos that age and I can pretty much say that no I don't think he would understand. So then I think well we should just go once he passes - Jan is that much further off, but what if he doesn't pass again??How long should she wait. . . and her health is more fragile than his.
Don't misunderstand - I know that God is in control and they will come home at the appointed hour - but boy oh boy I'd really like that hour to be Dec 2 for both of them (with only a week in country)


Shannon- said...

I'm getting myself lost in the quandry of travel myself. Praying that it works out for you. I can't imagine the agony of having to consider leaving him behind. I'm single with no little ones back here - so that lessens my burden a great degree. I ache for you. It will all work out Bonnie. I know it will. Trust in Him. All will be ok.

are you with chsfs too? I forgot.

Our journey following Christ said...

You're right, it is a dilemma. Ugh.

I know you're already doing this but just pray that God would give the kids and you peace about the wait. And then pray that He would make it abundantly clear about when you should chose to travel.

It's sort of a King Solomon dilemma, isn't it?