Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tugs at my heart

So a traveling family just sent me an email to let me know that although they didn't get to meet Estifanos when they were at AHOPE (he was at school) they did take a picture of his bunk bed and taped up around it were the pictures we have sent him - aawwwww. Totally makes me cry to think these kids of ours have a family of thier own and yet they wait and wait for the legal process to get accomplished, and many of the kids in the orphanages with Estifanos and Alemtsehaye wait and wait for a family. We have another picture of Estifanos as he is opening a letter filled with picutres - the look on his face is priceless - totally my favorite picture of him so far - it just pulls at the heart you know to see how precious those letters and pictures are, and how vunerable he is. We have sent letters to Alemtsehaye too and have a few pictures of her, but not as many families travel to her orphanage so unfortunately there are less pictures.

Yesterday Becca found a magic wand and has been trying to turn her brother into a frog or a rock depending on her mood - LOL you can't convice her that it won't work. I tell you this kids cracks me up!! Now if only her magic wand could move the mountian of court dates and travel dates! That would be something.


Shannon- said...

Magical Mountains Move!!