Monday, November 23, 2009

Pity party over...

soooo today we got a little report on Alemtsehaye detailing her likes - favorite food (ice cream) favorite color - pink (of course now we will have 3 little pink girls!) her clothes and shoe size all sort of little tidbits. AND a little note she said to tell her family that she loves them (aaawwwhhh).

Then promptly I began to have my own little pity party because I want to be on my way to get her - not hearing someone elses impressions of her (by the way she loves skirts - especially red ones .... hopefully I can find one!). Sigh, but we aren't on our way just yet - thus the pity party. (It doesn't help that I am totally not sleeping - ugh)

But that needs to end - being thankful is a choice and I choose to be thankful for the opportunity before me - the opportunity to pray for her and Estifanos the opportunity to long for them the opportunity to trust God for His perfect timing and His perfect provision. I choose to glorify God even when I am waiting and longing. All through Biblical history people have been waiting and longing. Waiting and longing for a Messiah or as Becca's favorite Bible story book describes it for God's secret rescue mission. Then after Jesus' death and resurection the longing for His glorious return. I am thankful this day that I can wait and trust that God has plans to prosper me to give me a future and a hope!

Just 2 more days until Estifanos' court date - please Lord let your will be done in that court room, let the judge submit to your plan for Estifanos, that he would be called a Grover from that day foward....


Our journey following Christ said...

It is nerve wracking to be so close to your court's so easy to fret. But why do we worry when we know God is in complete control? It's difficult to give up the control that we THINK we have or we wish we had and just trust God.

I struggle with the same thing. Most Christians do, I think, at times.

Praying for Estifanos to pass court. Praying for peace as you wait on the Lord.