Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Well then - never mind

Thanks for all the great thoughts and prayers - unfortunately some paperwork our agency had been expecting from the courts has yet to show up and we are not going to make the Dec 2 embassy date. Sigh. honestly we never expected to have that date - the last few days have been a total whirlwind of decisions, and lists and panic - now we have to wait - and choose a new date. Since we still need a waiver the 16th is out so that leaves the 30th or the 13th of Jan. not sure the implications of the waiver on the 30th - kind of a wierd situation, no one knows quite what to expect. (and anticipating that we have already asked our senator to look into it for us - because I really don't think we should need one in Dec at all! but we will see what they find out) The thing is though that the thought of having her home early - was such an amazing gift we were all so excited, so thrilled at the thought of our early Christmas present - that knowing we are going to have to wait , well it makes the wait hard. The hardest part is going to be telling Emma and Luke - they are sooooo excited. Last night I overheard them talking about having her home and what they wanted to show her and play - just cute, cute , cute. so I know they are going to take this kinda hard (me too.)


Shannon- said...

Thinking of all of you Bonnie.