Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Failed court again

Oy this is a hard one to write - we have failed court again. All over the same piece of paper that we have been repeately reassured that they have. His case is reassigned to the 23 of Dec. Our represenative in Addis didn't advocate for an earlier date because he is concerned that they won't get it done by then anyway. Seriously???? The orphanage has known since June that we want to adopt him - and he has been there for 2 years so there has been plenty of time to complete his file and yet they haven't. Now I know that Africa works on different time and things just aren't as important but SERIOUSLY?????

This is the hard thing about adoption the waiting on someone else to do thier JOB so that your child can come home. And it is the hard thing about our agency - they have a horrible reputation for getting kids though court and I guess that is going to include our kids.

Now I'm just going to go cry.


Shannon- said...

OW! that hurts. I have no words Bonnie. You are always so supportive and all I can offer is a giant cyber {{HUG}}

Amanda Cox said...

Oh no no. I hate this for you. I'm so sorry about Estifanos. Why? WHY? can't they get this worked out? It is almost like someone there is actually working against the adoption. I don't understand it. Can you email the orphanage directly to ask about this? The man I've always met there speaks fluent English.
It scares me for the rest of us too. What are we in for? If this happens to us everyone on that side of the ocean had better watch out because I am childless and work from home. I have aLL the TIME IN THE WORLD to fly to Addis and advocate for myself in person every day of the week. I so wish I could do that for you.

Tammy said...

Oh no!!! My heart is just aching for you!!

Our journey following Christ said...

I am so sorry! So frustrating and maddening to know this delay is over the same piece of paper that was missing before.

I hurt for you.

Words fail but I will lift you up in prayer.


M and M said...

Oh dear...oh how miserable....all I can do is send you HUGE hugs and even HUGER hugs and squeezes to your 2 precious ones waiting so patiently in Ethiopia.