Sunday, November 8, 2009

Feeling totally unprepared - travel in 3 weeks!?!

Alrighty then - I had totally prepared myself for being offered a Dec 16 embassy date - we haven't been waiting long, unlike alot of folks, haven't had any delays with Alemtsehayes case so really weren't expecting the email we got today saying we were cleared for a Dec 2 embassy date - I almost fell out of my chair. Estifanos has court scheduled for Nov 25 and if he passes then his embassy date will be Jan 12 - no way to make it earlier due to all the translating of documents obtaining of birth certificates and passports, embassy medicals etc. BUT Alemtsehaye is ready to come home now - huge dilema. Where we are right now is that it must be the appointed hour for her to come home - It will take 2+weeks in country to get her visa and waiver and we aren't really sure at this point how to make it all work but are pressing foward with making plans and getting embassy paperwork ready to go - gulp!

After all this I feel so unprepared. The house is ready, the room is ready there are clothes bought and toys purchased - but wow it is really happening we are bringing home another daughter - we are so blessed. (and will be doubly so when Estifanos comes home)


Andrea said...

wow! great news!!! Will be in prayer for you all.