Friday, November 6, 2009

No regrets

I am not going to regret one minute of waiting for these kids - they are worth every single prayer, every wet pillow of tears, every cry out to God - they are worth waiting for.

In a way adoption is a bit like being a week or 2 passed your due date - you have pictures and court dates and everyone wants to know when are they coming home - and you have to smile and say - I'm not sure, we are waiting for the embassy, waiting for a travel date and so on. Emma had the grace to arrive on her due date, Luke - thank God the doctor took pity on me and induced 10 days early, but AJ and Adam were both late, late, late and I didn't handle that well - in my defense I could hardly move and certainly didn't sleep well. But I was impatience and unable to wait gracefully.

This time I am going to wait gracefully - (I'm going to pray like crazy for favor for the kids remaining court date, embassy appointments and stuff like that) but I'm going to savor every moment, every triumph, every single bit of it - they are sooooo worth it. I can't wait to meet them - and say "We never counted the cost - you were worth every single moment - I would do it all again for the privilege of being your Mom"

Alemtsehaye and Estifanos - you are worth it, and you are already well loved.


Shannon- said...

thanxs. needed that